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    During our exhibitions in Yekaterinburg Ural exhibitions provides technical opportunity for radio announcement options. The radio announcements about the product innovations and promotions are made by the specialist of radio center and help to boost your participation and draw the attention of the visitor stream. You are welcome to provide reporters with information, either in advance or onsite. A list of media addresses is available on request.

    Attention: the service might be bought as a kind of absent participation. When the company is not available while certain exhibition but has a desire to boost its products it may order special radio advertising either recorded on CD disk variant or live speech of the reporter in radio center.

    Price:  radio advertisement recording on CD, text adaptation = 50 Евро

          live radio advertisements by the reporter, text writing, adaptation = 60 Euro


    1 minute   (5 times edition)  50 Euro,  10 times addition 80 Euro

    2 minutes (5 times addition) 100 Euro, 10 times addition 180 Euro