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    Hotel booking

    Hotel booking
    Booking of the service is carried out on the ground of properly filled in and sent application form. Application form for room booking should be sent by fax or e-mail. It must contain your company name, signature and stamp of the competent person
    After receiving the confirmation on the room booking by the Participant, stating information about room booking, it is considered to be reserved and the service confirmed.
    Present application is considered to be irrefutable financial commitment on paying the services booked. Participant shall pay the booked services according to the application of a service no less than 10 days before checking-in.
    When refusing the reservation less than 7 (seven) calendar days besides the room booking services. Participant should pay the penalty for the down time or no show according to the room rate.
    Could you please to provide the necessary information in all the details.
    In case if you have any questions, please contact your manager.