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    IEC Yekaterinburg-expo



    Yekaterinburg Expo — Draw from bird fly sight

    The first phase of construction of the exhibition center is opening in July. The opening will be timed to the Ural International Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation «INNOPROM-2011.»
    IEC «Ekaterinburg-Expo» will be one of Russia's largest venues for international events.
    Exhibition complex is located in the heart of Russia, on the border between Europe and Asia.

    Ekaterinburg is located at the intersection of several federal highways and railways, as well as a large modern international airporУ Koltsovo. The city has a high developed commercial production and implemented a number of investment projects, including big special economic zone. Ekaterinburg occupies the 3rd place in Russia among the best cities for business (Forbes ranking of 2010).
    The exhibition center is located in a promising area of Ekaterinburg «Novokoltsovsky», in 5 minutes from the international airport «Koltsovo», and in 15 minutes from downtown. By the IEC are convenient road access, besides the exhibition center has convenient parking for 4000 places.
    The experience of European designers, system analysis of technical equipment and modern engineering systems will provide all facilities for international exhibitions, comfortable stay exhibitors and visitors. Design of the IEC «Ekaterinburg-Expo» was attended by leading European experts — architects of Wulf & Partner (Germany), who designed one of the most modern exhibition centers in Europe — Stuttgart Messe, — as well as the Spanish world-renowned architect Jose Asebilo Marine.
    In 2012 a multifunctional congress hall with 3500 seats, meeting the highest international standards and equipped with modern equipment for events, concerts and plays will be built and commissioned in the IEC.
    Thus, in the single set at the end of construction will include:
    4 pavilions (3 * 10 000 sq.m., 1 * 20 000 sq.m.);
     Congress Center — 20 000 sq.m. concert hall with 3 500 seats;
       conference halls for 100-150 people;
       meeting rooms;
       spacious entrance lobby;
       a great restaurant for visitors with 2 000 places;
       VIP restaurant for 200 persons,
       facilities for the press;
       office space;
       large outdoor expo area for 20,000 square meters;
       parking for 4000 cars.

    IEC «Ekaterinburg-Expo» offers a comprehensive cooperation in the field of any events. More detail with a list of services can be found here.

    Exhibition area ICC «Ekaterinburg-Expo» include:

    3 exhibition halls (area 10 000 sq. m.). Pavilions' options:
       Total area 144m x 72m = 10,368 sq.m.
       Design features — cap-shaped dome design
       Height of the roof — 12 m

    Exhibition hall (area of 20 000 sq. m.). Pavilions' options:

       Total area 122m x 144m = 17,568 sq.m.
       Square gallery on the 2nd floor of 6,720 sq.m.
       The total exhibition space (without meeting rooms) = 22,120 sq.m.
       Meeting rooms on one side of 2nd floor gallery
       Design features — wide open space 98 meters (bearings on each side of the pavilion)
       Height of the roof — 15 m

    Conference halls:

       5 conference halls with area 230 sq.m.
       2 conference halls with area of 750 sq.m.
       Conference hall with area of 1,500 sq.m.

    Meeting Rooms:

    7 meeting rooms (area 50 sq.m.) for business meetings and presentations
    All exhibition halls, conference rooms and meeting rooms equipped with modern technical equipment necessary for activities ranging from audio to presentation screens and projectors.
    For more details see the web-site.
    Open air exhibition place
    Open air exhibition place
    Exhibition inner view
    Exhibition inner view
    Exhibition inner view
    Exhibition inner view
    Exhibition inner view
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