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    Stability of the external economic complex in Sverdlovsk region

    4 April 2016


    Following the results of 2015 Sverdlovsk region has demonstrated a stability of the external economic complex against negative influence of a state of the market. Stability of our regional market is confirmed by preservation of positive balance of foreign trade and much lower in comparison with the all-Russian rates of the decrease of the indexes.

    In general the foreign trade turnover last year has made 9,6 billion US dollars. Export has reached 6,8 billion US dollars, import – 2,8 billion US dollars.


    Still the basis of export of Sverdlovsk region in foreign trade with all countries was based on metals and products out of them, production of chemical industry, machine-building goods. Machine-building and chemical production, metals and products from these metals were generally delivered to the country due to the importation.

    The enterprises and the organizations of the region supported foreign economic relations with 146 countries of the world. Among the 10 top contractors were the USA, the People's Republic of China, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Switzerland.

    Stability of the external economic complex of Sverdlovsk region is explained by presence at the Sverdlovsk enterprises of the unique sectoral platforms, competitiveness of the goods and commodities produced  on the Ural market, and also explained by the results of the efficient system work of the regional government on diversification of foreign markets and support of exporters.


    "There in the region operates the system of support of the foreign economic activities of the enterprises of small and medium businesses within realization of «road map» program. It is the program of members’ support in accessing to the markets of foreign countries and assistance in export works. The regional center of assistance to exporters is created. In 2015 we had held 195 international events with participation of foreign partners, had signed more than 40 agreements and contracts on cooperation of Sverdlovsk region with the organizations and regions of the foreign states.

    The interest in cooperation with Sverdlovsk region is high among business representatives and the modern economic situation is favorable to domestic exporters.