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    2 June 2015

    A.Missura – the Minister of the Industry and Sciences of Sverdlovsk region will make a report within the press-conference “TASS-Ural” on the 3-th of July.

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    27 May 2015

    Significant to Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region exhibition project

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    26 May 2015

    “InStock Technologies” are in a hurry to reach Yekaterinburg

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    25 May 2015

    The Governor of Sverdlovsk Region ensured the support of the President of Czech Republic as concern the key projects of cooperation.

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    21 May 2015

    Prospects of cooperation of Serbia and Sverdlovsk region were discussed

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    12 May 2015

    The Championship for hardware pedicure

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    8 May 2015

    The meeting of experts club “Ural-Asia” will be arranged on the 12-th of May

    and devoted to the questions of the possible dangers in falsification of traditionally accepted World War II results and the role of Russia in it.
    7 May 2015

    Republic of China was chosen as country - partner

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    30 April 2015

    The governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev and Zhou Li the assistant manager of the Central Committee of International department of the Communist Party of China had discussed cooperation prospects

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    28 April 2015

    The scrap market project added new participants

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