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    13 August 2013



         IRMA PROJEKT SISTEM LTD. delivers turnkey installations, design, production; erection and commissioning of air pollution control systems to provide cleaner and safer environment. Their production program consists of: wide range of filter installations: baghouse filters, cyclones, multi-cyclones, scrubbers; hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems: screw conveyors, airlock valves, pipelines;

    Paper pulp molding machinery: egg-trays, food containers…Lead batteries recycling plants. After many years of experience in air pollution control IRMA has proven its capability for providing the most advanced, custom-engineered systems for atmospheric emission control for q wide variety of industries such as: power, steel, mining, mineral processing, cement, pulp & paper, glass, wood& food processing etc.

    From optimum custom-made design solutions, through manufacture, construction & installation to startup and commissioning IRMA allows its clients to comply with environmental regulations.

    Brief description of company goods description.

    Baghouse Filters – the fabric dust collector also known as the baghouse filter with intense pulse jet cleaning is one of the most commonly used separators in the world, appropriate for application in practically all industrial conditions; in mining & metal industry, cement or wood processing, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper industry in thermal power plants etc.

    Venturi Scrubbers— medium efficiency wet-type internal separators particularly suited for applications involving heavy dust materials and coke, preparation, beneficiation, quartz sand handling and conveying, lime stone and sinter plants, fertilizer plants, pulp & paper processing and production, palletizing operations etc.

    Cyclones – cyclone is a medium efficiency, low-cost dust collector designed specifically for harsh, industrial environments. It usually operates in applications generating heavy particulate and high temperatures and is frequently used as precleaner to reduce the loading on higher efficiency filter systems or as independent collector for coarse dusts. It effectively removes large to moderate size particles from metal grinding, sawing and other dust


    We are waiting all of you that somehow might be interested in the exhibition from 26-28 November 2013 in IEC «Yekaterinburg –Expo» (Boulevard-Expo,2). Participant stall number 2, come and get profit.