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    «Days of Mexico» on the 1- 5-th of June 2015 in Sverdlovsk region

    4 June 2015


    The Governor of Sverdlovs region Evgeni Kuyvashev and the Ambassador of Mexico Rubén Alberto Beltrán Guerrero agreed to implement the cultural event «Days of Mexico» in Sverdlovsk region aimed to strengthen the business relations between each other.
    2015-th year is the year of the 125-th anniversary of establishment of the diplomatic relations between Russia and Mexico. Due to anniversary date in both states a number of the cultural events aimed to strengthen a friendship and cooperation and allow to arrange a «Hours’ verification» in the ways and prospects with the further enhancement of their already existing bilateral ties.
    «Days of Mexico» within which business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, Mexican movies translations, culinary master classes, lectures on culture, art and history will take place from the 1-5-th of June 2015 in Sverdlovsk region.
    Implementation of «Days of Mexico» in Sverdlovsk region will become regular. Such form of cooperation promotes more intensive economic, cultural and tourists’ exchange. Besides above-mentioned advantages it allows to create Russian-Mexican interaction in many directions more effectively than they were before. The governor Evgeny Kuyvashev and the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the United Mexican States in the Russian Federation Rubén Alberto Beltrán Guerrero agreed about it on the 1-t of June.
    It is undoubtedly that the program of the cycle of actions «Days of Mexico» will be intense and captivating for anyone and will allow the Ural residents to immerge into the surprising Mexican atmosphere and become more deeply acquainted with the Mexican history and culture. Such form of cooperation has to gain the development on a constant basis. We will still discuss frequency that depends on many factors, but I think that it will be arranged not less than once a year at least, — Evgeny Kuyvashev explained.
    The Plenipotentiary Ambassador noted that Sverdlovsk region is one of the priority partners of Mexico today.
    «This cooperation is very important for us because a very high potential is concluded in it. There are certain prospects for interaction increase in the spheres of culture, travel industry, manufacturing industries and business area. We are planning more than 20 actions including exhibitions, translations of the Mexican cinema, week of Mexican cuisine, a business forum, meetings and many other things only within «Days of Mexico» in Sverdlovsk region. It is utterly important to plan such events in honor of the memorial 125-th anniversary from the date of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Russia. And I am very grateful to the Governor for his keeping the promise made last year in a frame of the exhibition «Highway» about the intention of carrying out «Mexican days»’ in Sverdlovsk region. I am already for the 10-th time here in this region and it is an honor to me to participate in the friendship festival opening today», — emphasized Rubén Alberto Beltrán Guerrero.
    The core ways of the further business cooperation the Ambassador fixed in the log that reflects the meeting results. It covers the ways of creation of the most favorable terms and conditions for the development of cultural tires between Sverdlovsk region and Mexican United States in the sector of students exchange, theatrical performances exchange, art and exhibition exchange, pharmacy, textile industry abd It technologies intereaction The parties agreed to assist in developing of the partner relations in educational sector especially between higher educational institutions
    Mexico takes up the 40-th place from 124 already existing trade partners.
    The Heads were invited by the governor to visit «Innoprom» in Yekaterinburg and jubilee Russia Arms Expo 2015.