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    Archival exhibition “Ural – Harbin” was opened in the capital on the Middle Ural.

    6 May 2016


    The exhibition of the numerous archival documents, cards and photos that illustrate the history of the century and a current state of relationship of Sverdlovsk region and Harbin has been recently opened in the capital of Central Ural Mountains. The action dated for the 25 anniversary of cooperation between Sverdlovsk region and the Chinese city. It’s organized at the initiative of the government of the region and with the assistance of Consulate general of the People's Republic of China in Yekaterinburg.

    Mikhail Golubev the deputy regional minister of the international and foreign economic relations, Tian Yongxiang the Consul general of China in Yekaterinburg, the head of department by archives of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Kapustin and his colleague from the Province of Heilongjiang Qi Xiujuan, the Russian and Chinese specialists in archival business, students and teachers of Sverdlovsk higher educational institutions have taken part in the opening ceremony.

    According to Alexander Kapustin, cooperation of Sverdlovsk region and China through archives has got new revival after a last year meeting of the governor Evgeny Kuyvashev with the assistant manager by the International department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China of Zhou Li when the photo and the documents exhibition devoted to the life of the Chinese citizens in the Urals has been prepared at the initiative of the head of our region for the Chinese delegation. "Thanks to this initiative we come to higher level of partnership

    According to experts, the exhibition reflects versatility of Russian - Chinese relations that have been filled with milestone events throughout century history. Among common causes – construction of KVZhD, emergence of the Russian settlement in Harbin after civil war where were the immigrants from Central Ural Mountains lived, work of the considerable number of the Chinese citizens at Sverdlovsk plants. Besides, in the first decades of existence of the People's Republic of China Ural enterprises have taken active part in formation and the development of the industry of the Heilongjiang province.