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    We are happy to present you another Metalworking & Tools exhibitor

    6 August 2013


      ROTORICA plc is one of the largest metalworking and building companies that offers a wide range of services in the field of professional building and metalworking tools supply.

      It offers competitive prices, lightning speed supply of equipment and great client service that makes for the continuous production process in maintenance and installation of the following items:

      Heating systems, running water supply, public utilities, air conditioning and ventilation, refrigeration equipment, energy and telecommunications network, as well as roofworks, waterproofing, tent and plastic constructions production and floor surface works. 


      According to the appropriate abovementioned maintenance and installation sectors we provide the professional tools and equipment of the following companies:


    Tools for maintenance & installation of all types of pipes

    REMS (Germany) – www.4pipes.ru

    ROTHENBERGER – www.rothenberger-tools.ru

    EXACT (Finland) – www.exact.su

    HUERNER (Germany) – www.huerner.su

    DREXL (Germany) – www.gdrexl.ru

    T-DRILL (Finland) – www.t-drill.com

    TST-STAG, SENRA (Spain) – www.gruposenra.com

    SOLGA DIAMANT (Spain) – www.solgadiamant.com


    Tools for electric equipment mounting:

    CIMCO (Germany) – www.cimco.su


    Tools for plastic and metal materials welding

    HERZ (Germany) – www.herz-plast.ru

    GALAGAR (Spain) – www.e-weld.ru


    Tools & equipment for surface processing and floor surfacing

    SCHWAMBORN (Germany) – www.hotsb.ru

    ROMUS (France) – www.romus-rotorica.com          


    We are waiting all of you in IEC «Yekaterinburg-EXPO» on the 26-28 November 2013 (Boulevard Expo, 2)