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    The achievements of logistics and transport complex

    22 April 2016


    The XVI specialized exhibition "Logistics. Warehouse. Transport" in World Trade Center from October 27 to October 29 in Yekaterinburg. The exhibition project has united on one platform the achievements of the leading companies of transport and logistic complex. “Logistics. Warehouse. Transportation” is annually  in a frame of  "Construction complex of the Big Urals".

    Alexey Vladimirovich Krupkin - the First Deputy Minister of Construction and infrastructure development of Sverdlovsk region and region Yury Nikolaevich Chumerin the director of the Union of the enterprises of Building industry in Sverdlovsk region will implement a solemn ceremony of the exhibition opening.  VIP’s annually note the importance of this exhibition project and bind together the companies of different profiles despite crisis. It’s undoubtedly that the project assists in the developing of a transport and logistic branches.


    The exposition of 2016 exhibition project traditionally will cover such cities of Russia as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Perm. Thanks to relevance of the exhibition subject the interest is annually shown by the representatives from CIS countries and far abroad. It’s worth mentioning that the last year project was marked with the Latvian expositions from Ventspils and Liepaja. Liepaja Special Economic Zone and Free Port of Ventspils . It was possible to get acquainted with investment programs of regions, to know about the operating privileges for businessmen at stands of the Latvian exhibitors. They proved an investment attractiveness of the zones for the development of transport and logistic branches. According to the latest data, 37 enterprises are registered on the territory of SEZ of Liepaja nowadays. The enterprises of SEZ had already invested 221 million euros into the development since 1997, and their turnover has made about 148, 59 million euros last year.

    The companies are going to represent the developments in all actual directions of logistics on the exhibition platform in 2016 year: intralogistics, systems of satellite monitoring of vehicles, the software for foreign trade activities and electronic custom’s declaring, a full-function hardware and software system for access of declarants to the system of electronic declaring of Russia, development and support of  software complex for participants of foreign trade activities and customs authorities of the Russian Federation, procedure of checks and customs cleaning; delivery and storage of combined freights by railway, motor and motor transport; a multimodal and carriage cargo transportation, multifunctional trade port zones on east coast.

    Besides a diversified exposition the exhibition will be filled with an intense and highly actual business program events , conferences, round tables, presentations that will allow to discuss topical issues of branch by the specialists of the branch, to conclude new contracts and to plan ways of further development.

    As usual all the participants will be awarded with diplomas and medals.

    We invite everyone to participate in the XVII international specialized exhibition “Logistics. Wharehouse. Transportation” from the 18-20  October 2016.


    To get extra info please apply to project manager Litvinova Anna,

     , +7(343)378-19-05