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    International and interregional cooperation

    The company «Ural Exhibitions» has started its activities in 1996 and as of today it is the key player in the exhibition business in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. The company «Ural Exhibitions» works in cooperation with the Government of the Sverdlovk region, the City Administration, with the leading business-associations of the Sverdlovk region – The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and others. The Company ranks first in the Urals in terms of total quantity of exhibitions and participants. Last year 48 specialized exhibitions, 53 trade fairs and 462 congress events were carried out. In this the total number of participants amounted to 3767 and among them there were 165 foreign companies. In 2013 more than 243 000 persons visited our events. And the Company has set ambitious goals for 2014. 


    The company «Ural Exhibitions» gives special attention to establishing and development of the trade and economic relations with the enterprises in Russia and abroad. Together with this the Company deals with arrangement of foreign and inter-regional trade and economic missions in Ekaterinburg including forums, conferences, seminars, presentations, round tables, B2B meetings. It is also engaged in partners identification and selection, organization of the top-level meetings with the Ekaterinburg and regional authorities and visits to the field-specific enterprises and is ready to offer cultural and entertainment programs. The Company is also involved in arrangement of the visiting missions.





    1. 1.            Trade and economic missions arrangements to Ekaterinburg:


    — elaboration of business programme for economic mission;

    — services for forums, conferences, seminars, presentations, round tables implementation;

    — B2B meetings arrangements;

    — meetings with CEOs and local authorities;

    — visits to the field-specific enterprises of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region;

    — cultural programme planning;

    — translation services;

    — conference halls rent services;

    — hotel booking;

    — transfer services;

    — catering services;

    — mission assistance;

    — website publications.


    1. 2.            Search for B2B members – B2B potential clients:


    — potential partners base formation (in accordance with the Customer demands);

    mass mailing aimed at potential partners involvement;

    individual B2B meetings arrangements;

    — business meetings schedule forming;

    — company assistance;

    — information services supply;

    — company promotion in Ural region;

    — marketing research;

    — transfer services: airport/hotel/airport;

    — conference halls rent services;

    — translation services;

    — cultural programme planning;

    — work upon visit results.


    1. 3.            Presentations and B2B meetings for the exhibition’s participants arrangements:


    — forming of the presentation’s and B2B meetings programme;

    — forming of the data base of the potential partners;

    — mass mailing;

    — participants registration;

    — business meetings schedule arrangement;

    — consulting services in business cooperation;

    — website publications.


    1. 4.            Arrangement of business missions abroad and around Russia:


    — mission aim selection;

    — delegation‘s business programme creation;

    — participants list compilation;

    — documents arrangement;

    — summarizing visit results;

    — website publications.


    We are happy to offer cooperation in all the above-mentioned areas. If you are interested in our proposal, please contact Anna Tkhorevskaya, Deputy director for commercial activity. Contact phone: +7 (343) 3853535, 3781905, e-mail: