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    Yekaterinburg and Ural region

    Center of Yekaterinburg

    If you want to know more about Yekaterinburg and Ural region we should mention the fact that the city had got a unique opportunity to be a platform for world leading events for the last years. The city had become the place for cooperation of world society and Russia.


    The city takes up the 4-th place in Russia in size and the number of citizens there and is the biggest city in Asia. Yekaterinburg has got the status of the economic capital of economy, industries, trade, culture, education, exhibition activities and sports located in one of the most powerful regions of the country. It is located between Europe and Asia on the very boarder two continents and embodies the mini version of all Russia and the universe in general.


    2014 year will be commemorated with such events as: winter Olympic Games in Sochi; the world football championship in 2018 in Yekaterinburg. 


    Owing to the nearest world wide events the city administration and local government mark out significant financial support for the city infrastructure development and further enhancement: creation of modern transport system, techno parks, new roads, the largest residential projects of the world and other items of infrastructure. Nowadays we take care of long-term strategy of city improvement. It has the Russia’s largest regional airport Ekaterinburg Koltsovo. Over 40 Russian and foreign airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 80 cities of the world. In Ekaterinburg there are represented famous world hotel chains.

    Koltsovo AirportKoltsovo Airport



    Yekaterinburg is a center of sciences, education and innovations of world scope. There are functioning more than 45 higher educational institutions and 20 scientific and research centers that add to Yekaterinburg significance and make it the most important scientifically-technical center of country. This concentration of knowledge’s, human experience and human resources is a ground for guaranteed region development and the abilities to solve the global problems and be a part of global community. 


    Yekaterinburg is a center of international cooperation where function more than 20 general embassies and trade missions of another foreign states. The city takes proud in partnership with other 12 cities. In excess of 300 international companies perform their activities on the territory of Yekaterinburg. Their amount has been increasing from year to year as we notice expansion of city opportunities and the companies feel the favorable conditions for making business in the city.