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    Letters of appreciation

    Letters of appreciation
    The Administration of Yekaterinburg

    Letter of Thanks
    We would like to express our gratitude towards the stuff of the exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions-2000»
    For their assistance in development of entrepreneurial activity in Yekaterinburg city.
    The head of the department of
    Industry, science and business
    Administration of Yekaterinburg city.                          A.V. Plotnikov
    Letters of appreciation
    The Ministry of Building and Agriculture
    The Stuff of JSC «Ural Exhibitions-2000»
    For the great contribution to the expansion of Industrial and economic relations and links of Enterprises specializing in building sphere on the territory of Ural Region, for the successful carrying out of the first International Construction Exhibition in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana, for the promotion of modern building technologies, materials and services both to Ural Region, Russian markets and to CIS countries markets.

    The Minister of Building and Agriculture
    of Sverdlovsk Region A. V. Harlov
    30 January 2002
    Letters of appreciation

    For The Chief Executive Officer
    Of the exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions-2000»
    Dear, Vadim Gennadievitch
    I would like to express gratitude to you for high- leveled and professionally organized exposition of Agricultural Complex on the
    7-th Russian Agro — Industrial Exhibition «Gold Autumn-2005» in Moscow.
    Hope to have our relations to be fruitful in future as we have nowadays and benefit the promotion of the agricultural goods of the producers, operating on the territory of Sverdlovsk region, further both to Russian and CIS markets and to far-abroad countries.

    Sincerely yours,
    The Minister               S.M. Chemezov 
    Letters of appreciation
    For the Chief Executive Manager
    JSC «Ural Exhibitions»
    V.G. Zavyalov
    Dear, Vadim Gennadievitch
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Sverdlovsk Region expresses sincere gratitude to you and to the stuff of «Ural Exhibitions-2000» company for your high professionalism and support in carrying out Agro industrial Forum in Urals Federal District «Agro Expo. Foodstuffs and drinks-2006», and also in creation a joint booth exposition of the Sverdlovsk Region enterprises specializing in Agro Industrial Complex and help in their preparations about participation in the V||| Russian Agro Industrial Exhibition «Gold Autumn»
    I wish you and all the workers in you company good health, happiness and success of your work
    Letters of appreciation
    Letter of Thanks
    For the stuff of Exhibition society
    «Ural Exhibitions-2000»
    For the help and support caused in organization of visit abroad board of the Ministry of Building and Architecture of Sverdlovsk Region on the 08.10.2002 and for high — leveled organization of the 5th specialized exhibition «Big Ural Construction Forum-2002»
    The Minister of Building and Architecture of                      A.V. Harlov Sverdlovsk Region