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    Our advantages

    High quality of service
    Among the advantages of the company «Ural Exhibitions-2000» is the quality of services provided.  The list of services includes more than 100 items from individual design to interpreting service. This allows exhibitors to present themselves on the exhibition effectively, by using different instrument and to a number of services without recourse to third party companies.
    Individual approach to every exhibitor
    Staff of Close JSC «Ural Exhibitions-2000» uses individual approach to each exhibitor, takes into account his or her demands and preferences. The managers develop the form of participation together with a client, on the assumption of the preferences and capabilities.

    Technical specialists of the exhibition society form planning solution of a participants’ stand and exposition in general, which considers the characteristics of the exhibition center and visitors navigation. A designers department administers the arrangement of individual stands and deals with non-standard situations. Advertising department, on the basis of data provided by marketing department, makes an effective media-plan for every exhibition and is open for joint projects with exhibitors.
    Successful advertising campaign
    Exhibition advertising is one of the most important tools of the society «Ural Exhibitions-2000» for attraction of visitors. Professional level of interaction of the company with advertising and information services, mass media and other organizations determines the final result of PR-campaign of each exhibition project.
    The base for each advertising campaign is marketing researches, held by marketing department on every exhibition throughout many years. Polling data is used for development of advertising strategy, which varies from exhibition to exhibition, according to the data collected.
    The distinguishing characteristic of the advertising policy of the exhibition is the complex approach to the attraction of visitors. That’s why the advertising campaign includes advertisement in specialized publications and industry-specific web sites, socio-political and advertising publications, on radio, on television, outdoor advertisement, and specialized mail-out.
    During 12 years of work on the market of exhibition services «Ural Exhibitions-2000» has had experience of exhibition organization on many venues in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan and other cities. In 2006 «Ural Exhibitions-2000» held an exhibition on several venue for the first time
    The company has everything that is necessary for large-scale projects, both on the territory of Yekaterinburg and other cities. The staff uses the capabilities of each venue to the full extent. In accordance with the venue the format of work changes and it allows to hold every exhibition ob a high professional level.
    We develop our potential
    During 12 years the exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions-2000» has increased the number of exhibition annually from 10 in 1996 to 26 in 2007 (more than 40 exhibition topics), the size of exhibition area has increased from 2500 sq.m. to 3610 sq.m. More than 15000 enterprises from all parts of Russia, CSI, Finland, Hungary, Romania, the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy have participated in the exhibitions. The share of foreign participant has increased up to 30% during 12 years. The exhibitions are visited by more than 160 000 people annually. The visitors come from Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk region, the Chelyabinsk region, the Kurgan region, the Perm region, the Tyumen region, the Udmurt Republic, Bashkortostan.
    The number of outbound events in other region of Russia, organized by the exhibition society, increases from year to year. Nowadays «Ural Exhibitions-2000» is an official operators of the expositions of the Sverdlovsk region in Moscow ( «Golden Autumn»)
    The staff of the exhibition society is constantly working on the increase of the number of participants of the exhibitions. One of the latest achievements of «Ural Exhibitions» is the hiring of a psychologist-trainer, who works not only with staff, but also with participants of the exhibition. International department is developing. Congress department works very efficiently as well – all projects are accompanied by a solid scientific and business program. Marketing department collects and analyzes the results of the exhibitions, which are provided to actual and potential clients.
    Dedicated personnel
    Each member of staff of the company «Ural Exhibitions-2000» can be characterized as dedicated. Exhibitions – it’s not just a job, it’s a style of life. Any exhibition event is born, grows and bears fruits. Every worker undergoes the development of a project and is personally interested in the success of the exhibition. That’s why the project managers of «Ural Exhibitions» have a years long experience, know personally many companies-exhibitors, understand the exhibitions sector and branch-specific market, and devote all their energy to success of the exhibitions.