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Shop. Hotels. Restaurant. Cleaning technologies.
Dry cleaners.
13-th specialized forum of equipment and services for public catering, hotels, supermarkets


                                13-th specialized exhibition 







22 — 24 March 2016




Kuybyshev str.44


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Exhibition organizer «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to participate in specialized exhibition «HoReCa. Cleaning technologies» (hotels, restaurants, catering) held on the on the 22- 24 of March 2016.

Exhibition target: is the demonstration of competitive advantages, acquaintance with modern and perspective lines of development of service in HoReCa segment, expansion of relationship between Ural region enterprises and enterprises of near and far abroad.

Schedule: meetings with heads of dry-cleaners; a cycle of seminars for cleaning sector on behalf of Taras Dudar; fair of vacancies in HoReCa sector, practical master classes from the leading chefs, the traditional competition «Master of cleanness», seminars and round tables, a observation competition among dry-cleaners and laundries, BARISTA GIK: master classes in tea and coffee, the barista championship; student's culinary competitions; professional competition among participants of an exhibition for gold, silver and bronze medals, diplomas.

Exhibition sectors:


•         Trade and technological equipment, stock for

           enterprises’ equipping of non-manufacturing

           sector of business.

•         automated systems for company management of non- 

           manufacturing sector of business;

•         ware, stock, glassware for equipping of the enterprises

           of non-manufacturing sector.

•         packing materials and expendables;

•         cash and weighting equipment;

•         cooling and freezing appliances;

•         air-conditioning and ventilation systems;

•         security and safety systems;

•         equipment for catering;

•         foodstuffs and beverages for HoReCa segment;

•         eco-products;

•         interior designing;

•         furniture and interior for non-manufacturing sector;

•         floor coverings, facing an interior of hotels, restaurants.  

           shops by the stone;

•         textiles and uniform for non-manufacturing companies.

•          souvenirs;

•          cleaning services; machinery for cleaning;

•          vending machines;

•          education, personnel, training;

•          consulting services;

•          bank services

            (business crediting, leasing, factoring);

•          insurance services in business;

•          out-sourcing; out-staffing;

•          transportation services;


•          machinery for dry cleaners and laundries;

•          means for dry cleaning, accessories,  expendables;

•          carts for laundries;

•          automatization for dry cleaners and laundries;

•          equipment for leather and fur processing;

•          overalls and means of protection;

•          cleaning means and detergents;;

•          professional education and consulting

Registration of participants: you should fill in the application form and submit it to the address of the organizer by e-mail or by fax. The payment can be fulfilled by money transfer to the Organizer’s account or by cash. The booth is surely provided to the client on the bases of 50% payment in period according to the contract. The dead line for provision of information for catalogue is 2 weeks prior the exhibition opening. The information provided later than indicated period will be printed in catalogue supplement.

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