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Cottage. Landscape Design. Wood processing
The 18th specialized exhibition of individual house — building and landscape design


                       Ministry of Building and Architecture of Sverdlovsk region






XVIII specialized exhibition


    landscape design. wood processing




   16-18 February 2016




                   Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions» invite you to take part in the exhibition «Cottage. Landscape design. Wood processing»

Exhibition aim: low-rise and individual building development, appliance of modern building technologies, materials, constructions and instruments, means for improvement and planting. 


  • Cottage projecting, building and structures of another function.

— Cottage out of wood (log)

— House out of balk.

— Frame, modular, panel house — building

— bricks

— heat insulation wall elements.

— Light and steel wall elements.

  • Component parts and materials for house:

— Windows. Doors.

— Goods out of wood.

— Stairs and fences.

— Wall, floor and ceiling coverings.

  • Out – of –town real estate.
  • Cottages, semi-detached houses
  • finishing materials and means of house protection.

— Glues. Joint sealer.

— Paints and varnishes. Filling.

— Antiseptic and fire retarding materials.

  • Roofing and façade systems.
  • Heat insulation, waterproof and noise resistant materials.
  • Modern technologies in wood processing and house building.
  • Autonomous engineering systems and equipping for individual house building.

— water supply systems.

— sewerage systems.

— Heat and electro supply systems.

— Systems of bio recycling and waste materials utilization.

  • Projecting in architecture, designing in construction, interior designing.
    • Tools and equipment for building.
    • ·  Automatic house control  systems.
    • ·  House Security systems.

— Systems of access control.

— security alarm systems.

— Territory security systems.

— Security video observation systems.

— SecurityGSM systems. (control owing to mobile phone)

— Fire-prevention systems.

  • mortgage, crediting, insurance services.
  • Stoves and fireplaces.
  • Baths ad saunas. Swimming pools. Equipment for their maintenance.
  • Electro equipment. Lamps. Lanterns.
  • Ecology. Territory improvement and greening. Landscape design.

— Architectural and engineering decisions for improvement and greening of urban territories.

— Sculptures. Architecture. Decoration.

— Natural and artificial stones.

— Water supply systems, artificial irrigation and drainage systems.

— Garden- park machinery, tools.

— Landscape design.

— Equipment and materials for territory improvement and care for garden area.

— Decorative plants. Green turf herbal mixtures. Seeds.

— Decorative basins, fountains, waterfalls.

- Fito design.

— Specialized literature.

Exhibition schedule: seminars, press conferences, demonstration of collection, presentations of domestic-owned and foreign firms; competitions, diplomas. Offer to participate in seminars and conferences with prepared reports, telling the fact in advance.

Criteria of participation in the competition for medals and diplomas: the participant must give a copy of license and certification of conformity for the declared equipment and production. Applications for competitions are formed in the first day of the exhibition or beforehand.

About project: «Cottage. Landscape designing. Wood processing» exhibition is traditionally thought to be the leading one in Ural region. Annually the project unites more than 100 companies from different regions of Russia (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kurgan, Perm, Tolyatti, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen). The exhibition was attended by 6000 people in 2015 year.


Exhibition timetable:

Participants arrival

15 February

9 a.m. to 6 p.m

Working days

16-18 February

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Official exhibition opening

15 February

at 1 p.m.


18 February

4 p.m.


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