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Welding. Monitoring and testing
The 14th international specialized exhibition






14-th international specialized exhibition

  25-27 November 2014






The Ural institute of Welding industry

Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Sverdlovsk region

Committee of Industrial policy and Business development

Administration of Yekaterinburg

The Ural Federal University by the 1t president of Russia Eltsin



  Yekaterinburg –Expo


     Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


Exhibition organizer «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to participate in the international specialized exhibition «Welding.Monitoring.Testing» held on the 25-27 November 2014


  • Laser welding, surfacing and cutting technologies and equipment.
  • Measuring devices;
  • Metallic-arc welding; equipment for wire and arc welding electrode manufacture.
  • Stud welding;
  • Equipment and technologies for welding of plastic.
  • Uniform, protective clothing
  • Welding fillers;
  • Manual metal arc welding;
  • Plasma welding and cutting;
  • Means and methods of protection from harmful industrial influence in welding sector.
  • Wire welding;
  • Tools and appliances for welding and machining
  • Auxiliary welding equipment.
  • Welding in building industry


Sverdlovsk region is one of the dynamically developing regions of Russian Federation. Powerful industrial manufacture is concentrated here, rich natural resources, thick traffic streams, considerable scientific and human resources.

Main advantages of Sverdlovsk region:

1.   high investments potential, low investment risks and stable financial position

2.    the leading positions among the subjects of the Russian Federation in the rate of economic development.

3.    the largest transport-logistics complex in Ural Region

4.    diversified structure of manufacturing complex

5.    well developed infrastructure of external economic activities

6.    high level of academic, high schools and sectoral sciences development.

7.    qualified work force, skilled manpower and significant innovation potential      


Registration of participants: you should fill in the application form for participation and submit it to the address of the Organizer by e-mail or by fax. According to your application an invoice will be provided. Payment is carried out by preliminary bank transfer. The final date for giving information is 2 weeks before the beginning of the exhibition


Contact person: Litvinova Anna, 89221039747, litvinova@uv66.ru