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Metal Working. Tools.
The 17th international specialized exhibition of metal working technologies, equipment, devices, tools


  Metalworking. Tools

XVIII specialized exhibition

Under the official support:

      Chamber of commerce and Industry of Sverdlovsk Region

The local Authorities (Administration Of Yekaterinburg)

Administration of Yekaterinburg

The Union of machine builders of Russia

The union of machine building enterprises of Sverdlovsk region

Engineering workers Union of Russia



25 – 27 November  2014








Dear Ladies and gentlemen!


Exhibition organizer «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to participate in the 17th specialized exhibition «METALWORKING.TOOLS 2014».

Exhibition aim – presentation of up-to-date technologies and equipment of machine-tool industry, spread of the leading experience, elaboration of efficient trade – economic and manufacturing relations between enterprises of machine building complex.

Exhibition sectors:

  • Metal-cutting machine tools and tools;                                             
  • Tool-grinding and grinding machine tools;
  • The abrasive tool;
  • The foundry equipment;
  • The equipment for processing metals by pressure;
  • The equipment for heat treatment and drawings of coverings;
  • Hydraulic systems and equipment;
  • The hoisting-and-transport equipment and the warehouse equipment;
  • Pneumatic systems and equipment;
  • The compressor equipment;
  • Engines techniques;
  • Bearings;
  • Scientific and technical projects, technological and design development, production management;
  • Investment projects;
  • The scientific and technical literature and information
  • The welding equipment;
  • Systems of automatic designing, modeling;
  • Cooling liquids and systems;
  • Measuring techniques, devices for measurement and the control


Region: Yekaterinburg is the third largest city of the Russian Federation and it is the capital of the Ural region. Yekaterinburg and its region are considered to be the second economically important zone in Russia, after Moscow. Due to its geographical position on the border between Europe and Asia and fast developing metallurgy, chemical, food and mining industries, this region has become a big industrial, economic and trade center, appearing very attractive to foreign investments. Yekaterinburg located on transaction of traffic streams Europe Asia, stands for the big economic and trade center owing to the high level of development of the industry and science, high living standards.

The exhibition program includes: presentations of home and foreign companies, different conferences, masters – classes and competitions.

Registration of participants: You should fill in the application form for participation and submit it to the address of the Organizer by e-mail or by fax. According to your application the account will be given to you. The payment should be done by in advance by means of money transferring or by cash. 




Exhibition schedule:   


Participants arrival

24 November

 10.00 a.m  5.00 pm.

Working days      

25-27 November


 10.00 a.m  5.00 pm

Official exhibition opening

25 November

at  12.00

Awarding ceremony

27 November

at  15.00


27 November

at   16.00


Contact person: Litvinova Anna, mob. 89221039747, litvinova@uv66.ru