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Ural Construction Forum. Timber Cluster
The 9th specialized exhibition





VIII specialized exhibition






     22-24 April 2014

CHSC «Russia»


Dear ladies/Gentlemen!


LLC «VO Ural exhibitions» invites you to take part in specialized exhibition «Timber cluster. Wood processing» held from the 22-24 April 2014.

Target: elaboration of the main directions of complex development of timber industry: innovative, scientific and research, manufacturing approaches; demonstration of the latest progressive scientific novelties, and presentation of up-to-date samples in timber industry sector that is in touch with lumbering and wood processing directions. Expansion of inter sectoral and interregional tires.

Exhibition aims: to demonstrate new technologies and potential of timber industry complex in Russia. To develop mutually profitable cooperation of Ural Federal District with another regions; To designate the problems of ecology and wood renewal.


 Exhibition sectors:

Forestry. Machinery and technologies applied in wood

 growing and wood provision:

— quick-growing and exotic sorts of wood

— technologies and equipment for wood plantations

— tools and means of protection of timber cluster from fire

 and insects.

— specialized instruments, uniform, outfit for foresters.

— technologies, equipment and tools for lumbering, wood sawing

and wood processing.  

— lumbering and transportation machinery.

— equipment, mechanisms of the initial (basic) wood processing. 

— equipment and technologies for sorting out, storage of wood

     — cargo-handling machinery

     — road-building machinery

     — service and maintenance of lumbering machinery

     — transportation and logistics wood materials, lumbers.

      — robotics

Wood recycling. Local sorts of fuel

— energy saving equipment and technologies

— acquisition, delivery of wood recycling

— cutting machinery, conveyors, aggregators.

— graining machinery

— closed cycle of timber usage (wasteless production)

NIOKR in timber complex ;

Financial support, services, investment into the timber cluster


Wood processing industry

— machinery and technologies for joiner's furniture produce.

— machinery, tools, equipment applied in cellulose- paper industry

— machines for, parts and tools for initial wood processing

— systems of transportation and logging for wood processing


 — systems for chip delete.

— equipment for products manufacture of wooden commodities.

— chemical means, paints and varnishes

— strong wood processing

— machinery for dying, packing machinery

— means of wood protection

Fire protection: systems of control, monitoring and prevention. Specialized hard wear

Educational institutions: agencies for stuff training occupied in timber industry

Technical specialized literature

About the project: Ural region takes up the leading positions among the regions in Russia for logging, manufacture of lumbers and veneer. Accounting with the potential of timber industry, the government of Sverdlovsk region makes a point towards its further development and enhancement. The exhibition project «Timber cluster» is aimed to gather the leading companies, enterprises, factories giving a significant stimulus to the further development of this industry in Ural region.


Registration of participants: you should fill in the application form and submit it to the address of the organizer by e-mail or by fax. According to your application the account will be given to you. The organizer issues an invoice. The payment is made by transferring money to the Organizer’s account or by cash. The booth is surely provided to the client on the bases of 50% payment in period according to the contract. The dead line for provision of information for catalogue is 2 weeks prior the exhibition opening. The information provided later than indicated period will be printed in catalogue supplement.

Project manager: Litvinova Anna 89221039747, litvinova@uv66.ru


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