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Travel Industry. Sanatoriums. Recreation
The 10th international specialized fair




 Travel Industry. Sanatoriums. Recreation

08-10 April 2014

X specialized fair exhibition 






Dear Sirs and Madams

«Ural Exhibitions» invites you to take part in international «Travel industry. Sanatoriums. Recreation» fair.

Exhibition area:



  • National Office for sport and tourism
  • Regional Office for sport and tourism
  • Informational Centers for tourist aid
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Beachfront resort.
  • adventure tourism
  • Marine and river cruises.
  • Ski tourism. Health improving recreation, treatment.
  • Business tourism.
  • Weekend tours.Individual tours.
  • Exclusive recreation and VIP tours.
  • cultural tourism.
  • Recreation for children and youngsters.
  • Bus tours.
  • Excursion tours.
  • Festive and topical tours.
  • Religious tours.
  • Eco-tourism.
  •  Avia and railway tickets selling
  • Recreation, rehabilitation and SPA centers




  • Sanatoriums, boarding (guest) houses, medical- health institutions.
  • Hotels, recreation areas, hostels and (guest) houses.
  • Camping

Fishing and hunting :

  • Equipment for fishing and hunting.
  • Services in tourism and hunting field.
  • Hunting trophies. Taxidermy — stuffed animals, birds or something of this kind.
  • Means (equipment) for hunting and navigation.
  • Weapons and accessories.
  • Hunting and producers' co-operations.
  • Specialized means of transport: boats, launches, snowmobiles, land rovers.

Goods for sport and resort:

  • Outerwear for sport and rest, hunting and fishing.
  • Specialized periodicals, literature, touristy guides.
  • Tourism implements, goods and commodities, equipment, accessories and outfit.
  • Cartographic (al) products. Sporting and awarding attributes.

Sports, recreation and entertainment Institutions.

  • Ski resorts, Ice Sports Palaces.
  • Extreme sports, urban standards.
  • Sport-health centers, institutions and associations.
  • Entertainment Industry in sports. Recreation activities.
  • Sport centers construction, modernizing and equipping
  • Techniques, methods and new technologies in health improvement and support
  • Fitness and SPA-industries
  • Diving centers.

Coexistent services:

  • Insurance and banking services.
  • Software maintenance and information provision
  • Systems for reservation
  • High School Institutions in the sphere of tourism and hospitality industry.


10 specialized exhibition «Travel industry. Sanatoriums» — is a unique platform for new business partner’s research and entering into new markets. It’ a permanent platform for formation prolong and stable relations with foreign companies. It’s an opportunity to make acquaintance and maintain relations with real specialists out of touristic branch that might be your potential clients, to display and promote goods and commodities. If you are our participant, so it’s the easiest way to set new beneficial commercial, economic and many others ties between enterprises of touristic sphere from Russian Federation, CIS countries and countries of another states. Participants have the opportunity to present abundant variants of rest in Russia and particularly in Ural. This is an exclusive exhibition aimed at familial attendance. Determinant factor encouraging visitors to come to the exhibition was daily prizes drawing among visitors.


About project: The exponents (participants) of the trade fair- exhibition have the opportunity not only boost their goods and services but simultaneously sale them and get financial benefit remaining on their stable exhibition booths.   

Your participation in the exhibition and activities in large scaled business programs will contribute to you furthers good relations with business partners and establish new ways of profitable collaboration, as concerns innovations into business.


Project manager: Litvinova Anna  89221039747

e-mail: , tel. +7 (343)3853535