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Ural Construction Forum. Low - rise building. Landscape design
5-th exhibition of individual house-building
















Under support of Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Russian Federation and Russian Union of Industrial Workers and Entrepreneurs 




VII specialized exhibition in a frame of







        12-14 MARCH 2014


              CHSC «RUSSIA»


           Dear Ladies and Gentlemen



Exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions» invites you to take part in the XVII specialized exhibition «Low-rise building. Landscape design».

The exhibition will be held under support of Ministry of building and housing communal services, the union of enterprises of building sector, the union of builders’ union, union of builders of Ural, the union of project organizations of Sverdlovsk region, Ural State architectonical academy. 

The exhibition will be held under auspices of «Ural building forum» under support of Organization of authorized representative of President of Russian Federation in Ural Federal District. Core sections in Forum schedule: «Building», «Road-building machinery», «building machinery’, «Low-rise building. Landscape design».

Exhibition target: — low-rise building industry development, appliance of modern building technologies, materials, structures and groundings, means for territory and buildings improvement and greening. 

Exhibition area:

  • Projects of out of town mansions.
  • Cottages, houses construction under turnkey contract.
  • Modern building and finishing materials
  • Building and wood operating instrument.
  • Systems of termo/gas/ water supply systems, sewage systems.
  • fireplaces, stoves.  
  • Illuminating lamps.
  • Swimming pools, saunas, bathhouse, accessories.
  • Wood, metal, glass in interior.
  • Smart systems «smart house».
  • Landscape design and projecting.
  • Landscape materials, architectural forms and items.
  • Decorative basins, fountains.
  • Items of folk handicrafts.
  • Cottage and landscape furniture, accessories for rest.
  • Means of handheld  mechanization, garden tools.
  • Equipment and materials for plots of land.
  • Fito design of interiors.
  • Seeds, plant material, fertilizers.
  • Technologies in soil cultivation, flowers and plants growing.


There will be conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions for gold, silver, bronze medals. 

Offer all participants to take part in seminars, make reports.

Conditions of participation in competitions for medals and diplomas: application must be filled in at the first day of exhibition opening.

Application considered as canceled in case of booth dissembling by the participant prior than the date of official exhibition end. 

About exhibition: »Cottage. Landscape design»: the exhibition traditionally unites the best companies of low-rise and individual building market in Ural Region; present a unique opportunity for clients to get detailed information about modern designing tendencies and to get opportunity their realization. The participants are able to estimate the demand for its goods in region, thus increase the amount of clients, take part in realization of state project for population supply with available and comfortable dwelling. In 2011 the exhibition was visited by 22000 people.

About Region: Ural Federal District – comprises more than 25 mln. people and covers the territory in 3 mln. sq. meters. Yekaterinburg – is a capital of Ural Federal District, the third agglomeration of Russian Federation in size. For the last years the main tendency in the development of the economy of the city had become significant increase in suburban real estate, primarily cottages. 

Exhibition schedule:

Participants arrival

11 March

from 10.00 to 18.00

 Working days

12 – 14 March

from 10.00 to 18.00

Official exhibition opening.

12 March

at 12.00

Ceremony of medals and diplomas awarding.

14 March

at 15.00


14 March

from 18.00 

Venue: CHSC «Russia»

Project manager: Litvinova Anna  89221039747


Russia, 620­027, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlov str. 11А, of. 507, tel./fax: +7 (343) 3853535,  Http://www.uv66.ru