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Ural Construction Forum. Furniture Salon - Interior 2014
The 19th specialized exhibition









the venue:


     22-24 april 2014


       CHSC «Russia»



Dear ladies and gentlemen!


Exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to take part in the 20 -th specialized exhibition «Furniture. Interior – 2014» that will be held on the 22-24 April 2014.

Exhibition aim: to demonstrate the variety of up to date world of furniture that gives the customer to find out his private unique style, to strengthen business links relations between both producers or trade companies of Russia and CIS countries. 

Exhibition area:

Furniture for house:

  • Soft furniture
  • cabinet furniture
  • chairs and tables
  • furniture for office cabinet
  • furniture for bedroom
  • built-in furniture
  • furniture for children.
  • Braided furniture.
  • Furniture for bathroom.

Furniture for office:

  • Furniture for chief managers.
  • chairs/armchairs
  • partition.
  • Metal furniture for organizations.
  • Safe deposits. Bookstands partition cupboards.

Specialized furniture:

  • Furniture for bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels. 
  • Furniture for cottages.
  • Furniture for laboratories and medical organizations.
  • Furniture for scientific organizations. 
  • Furniture for cinema and concert halls.

Kitchen furniture:

  • Dinner zones.
  • Built in household appliances
  • Accessories.

Design and projecting of interiors and furniture:

         Interiors projecting

  • Stair cases and fare places.
  • Furniture textile, leather. 
  • Curtains, pelmets. 
  • Curtains, pillows, shawls. 
  • Textile trimming
  • Paintings, posters.
  • Festival of carpets and carpets.
  • Lamps. Chandelier. Decorating glass, stained-glass window, mosaic, mirrors.
  • Accessories and fittings:
  • Facades and profiles.
  • hardware and fasteners.
  • Decorative and finishing materials.
  • cladding material, pile.

Equipment and tools for furniture production.

Specialized literature.


About exhibition: The exhibition «Furniture – interior» is one of the best among the greatest furniture salons of Ural Region. From year to year approves its status of the largest exhibition in Ural Region. Sociological datum approves that the number of participants increase from year to year, the qualitative stratum change all the time. Patricians in the exhibition «Furniture and interior 2013» it’s a unique opportunity to view a full picture of furniture market, find out new responsible partners, expand the net of clients and communicate with permanent customers.

Region: Sverdlovsk region takes up the 2-d place in Russia in volume of industrial products production, giving way only to Moscow region. The industrial complex of the region includes more than 5400 enterprises of different forms of ownership that are functioning in mining engineering, gas and oil, metallurgical, chemical, timber industry, machine building industry and instrumentation technology, power and energetic, building industry.

Yekaterinburg is a capital of Ural region, take up the first place in Russia being as the most attractive and favorable center in investments involvement except Moscow and St.Petersburg (they were not included into consideration). The statistics in 2010 had proved this fact. The leading position of the city can be explained by its favorable location: on the cross point of traffic streams Europe-Asia. Yekaterinburg is a large economic and trade center owing to a high level of development of industry, science and high living standards of the population.

Participants’ registration: you must fill in the registration form for participation and send it to the Organizer by e-mail or fax. On the bases of this application form the organizer issues a bill.

The organizer can provide the service of hotel booking for another town citizen.

The will be different seminars, presentations of domestic and foreign companies. Competitions for gold, silver and bronze medals. diplomas.

Conditions of participation in competition for medals and diplomas: the participant has to provide the copy of the license, certificate of conformity of declared equipment and samples of products. The application has to be filled in at the first day of exhibition opening or in advance.


Exhibition schedule


Participants arrival

21 April

from 10.00 to 18.00

Working days

22-24 April

from 10.00 to 17.00

Official exhibition opening

22 April

at 12.00

Medals and diplomas awarding ceremony.

24 April

at 15.00

Project manager: Litvinova Anna 89221039747

620027, Yekaterinburg, 505, tel./fax: +7 (343) 385-35-35

E-mail: litvinova@uv66.ru, http://www.uv66.ru