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Energy Saving, heating, ventilation and water supply. Energy efficiency
The 18th specialized exhibition-conference







XVII specialized exhibition



The venue:


20-22 May 2014  

CHSC «Russia»



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


Exhibition organizer «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to participate in the XVII international specialized exhibition «Energy saving. Heating. Ventilation. Water Supply-2014».

Exhibition aim: providing and adoption of the modern technologies, equipment and devices used in energy sector, industry and housing municipal economy; spreading of progressive experience in reformation of housing municipal economy; working out of effective commercial, economic and industrial relations between enterprises and organizations.

Exhibition area:

  • Installations of low energetic, mini heating plant
    • Equipment and control systems of boiler rooms;
    • Block-module and roof boiler-rooms;
    • Heating and water boilers, burners;
    • Means for scale prevention in a heat engineering equipment.
    • Automation in heating;
  • alternative source of energetic;
  • systems of uninterrupted power supply;
  • energy-efficiently technologies and equipment when distributing and using of energy;
  • usage of secondary energy source at the enterprises;
  • electro-technological and electro technical equipment, electric drives, transformative mechanics, light sources and illuminating equipment;
  • Cable heating systems;
  • Devices for measuring parameters and indicators of electricity and other energy recourses quality;
  • Devices and accounting systems of energy recourses metering in housing and public utilities;
  • Dwelling houses, public places and industrial buildings heat supply;
  • Equipping of heat points and networks;
  • Radial infrared heating;
  • heaters, fan heaters, air curtains;
  • heat points, heat exchangers;
  • ventilation systems and equipment;
  • conditioners;
  • water heating equipment and systems;
  • pipes, pipes fitting, shut-off-and-regulating equipment;
  • pumping outfit and pump assemblies;
  • water treatment equipment;
  • automatics and devices;
  • heat and water registers;
  • materials, machines and equipment for building and keeping of pipelines and networks;
  • technologies and equipment for water-cleaning, water disposal and sewage;
  • water proofing and heat insulated materials
  • sanitary engineering;


About project: Exhibition «Energy saving. Heating. Ventilation. Water Supply.» is the biggest project, devoted to energy saving which is held in Ural Region. The companies from 12 regions of Russian Federation, near and far abroad participated in the exhibition in 2012. Participants from more than 12 regions of Russian Federation and CIS countries took place in the exhibition in 2012. Traditionally the specialists from Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan region, Perm territory visit the exhibition and the business events in frame of general exhibition.

The exhibition program includes: conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions (gold, silver and bronze medals), diplomas of CJSC «Ural Exhibitions».

Exhibition schedule:

Participants arrival

19 May (till 7 p/m/)

с 10.00 до 19.00




Working days

20 – 21 May (till 5 p.m)

22 May

с 10.00 до 17.00

с 10.00 до 15.00




Official exhibition opening

20 May

в 12.00




Solemn medals and diplomas awarding ceremony

22 May

в 15.00





22 May

с 16.00




Project manager: Litvinova Anna, 89221039747, litvinova@uv66.ru

Tel./fax: +7 (343) 3853535