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Education. Employment. Carreer. Books
7-th specialized exhibition


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The Ministry of public and professional education of Sverdlov region

Administration of Yekaterinburg



     VII Interregional specialized exhibition

 Organizer:             Date:    Venue:   
 28-30 October 2014  

CHSC Russia, Visotskiy str., 14





«Ural exhibitions» invites you to take part in the interregional specialized project «Education. Employment. Career. Books» that are on the 28 – 30 October 2014.


Exhibition target — demonstration of the present day quality level of the national and regional education services, assistance in modernization and improvement of Russian education, job orientation, assistance in training of qualified personnel applied in different national economy sectors, enhancement of regional books market, exchange of professional experience and help in solving the troubles peculiar to educational and book sectors,   contact arrangement between the representatives of authority, educational and polygraphy sectors and business. 


Exhibition sectors:

  • Educational institutions of the different types
  • Education abroad, auxiliary education, further training, specialized courses, distant education, linguistics courses.
  • Out-of-school education and upbringing: activity of children houses of arts, musical and sport schools, out-of-school educational and touristic programs
  • Business-education
  • Innovations in education
  • Information, technical and visual means of education
  • Methodological literature
  • Equipment for educational process
  • Personnel consulting, personnel agencies, labor exchanges, vocational guidance centers and employment agencies
  • Employers
  • Specialized Mass Media
  • Literature: fiction, scientific – technical, training textbook, books for children, developmental and foreign literature, religious books and spiritual literature, business, historical, juridical, law, economical and social – political books, publicistics, computers, technical and musical literature.
  • Textbooks, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedia
  • cartographical output
  • periodical media, Mass Media
  • means for art
  • audio and electronic books
  • typographic equipment
  • copy machinery
  • materials for paleography
  • stationary
  • business souvenirs
  • VIP- presents
  • Pomo products 
  • Awarding and prices
  • Badges and medals
  • Textile and leather items


Business program schedule includes: big business program for the heads of educational institutions, specialists, methodologists, teachers, library personnel, school-leavers and their parents; round tables and master-classes concentrated on the actual questions of education and job placement, oriented on the specialists of the regional system of education, senior pupils, school-leavers and their parents; and also professional competitions and «Job Fair».


Participants’ registration: You should fill in the application form for participation and submit it to the address of the Organizer by e-mail or by fax. According to your application an invoice will be provided. Payment is carried out by preliminary invoice within the time-limit which was specified by the Organizer. The first 50% payment must be done not later than dates fixed by the organizer, so thus the stall reservation considered to be guaranteed. The final date for given information is 2 weeks before the beginning of the exhibition, information about company-participant, which was given after the indicated period, goes to the supplement of the official catalogue


Participants arrival 27 October 10:00 — 18:00;

                                                    Fair working days 28-30 October 10:00 — 18:00;

   Disassembling 30 October since 16:00.


                            Excursion sponsor: travel agency «L — trans»

                                     Water sponsor:  «Zlatogorka»