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Ural Construction Forum. Building machinery. Highway. Commercial transport
3-th specialized exhibition-forum with the international participation






         III specialized exhibition

in a frame of «Ural Construction Forum»





12-14 March 2014



              CHSC «RUSSIA «


          Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

  «Ural Exhibitions» invites you to take part in exhibition «Building machinery. Highway. Commercial transport» held in a frame of Ural Construction Forum on the 12-14 March 2014 in Yekaterinburg.

Exhibition aim: support modernization of Russian economy by means of increase in competitiveness of

domestic production, integration of industrial sector, energetic and the science of Sverdlovsk region into Russian and universal economy systems; demonstrate the latest developing of Russian and foreign companies, attract investors to realization of innovative projects of high-efficiency in machine building sector.

Exhibition area:

  • Building and special hardware.
  • Road construction vehicles, transport and machinery.
  • Excavators, loading machines, ditching equipment, surface planing machine.
  • Machinery for cars, machinery and materials transportation.
  • Machinery for bridges and tunnels construction.
  • Machinery for inconspicuous (trench less) utilities laying.
  • Machinery for implementation of concrete and asphalt works.
  • Municipal — cleaning machinery.
  • Lifting equipment. Cranes. Conveyers.
  • Cargo-handling machinery. Warehouse machinery
  • Commercial transport.
  • Materials and groundings for road building.
  • Spares for transport and mechanisms. Tyre.
  • Rent and lizing of building, road – building machinery and equipment. 
  • Compressors, radiators, engines, transported electricity generating stations.
  • rent and lizing of building, road – building machinery and equipment
  • Compressors, radiators, engines, transported electricity generating stations.
  • Lubrications.
  • Drilling equipment.



About Region: Region: Yekaterinburg is the third largest city of the Russian Federation and it is the capital of the Ural region. Yekaterinburg and its region are considered to be the second economically important zone in Russia, after Moscow. Due to its geographical position on the border between Europe and Asia and fast developing metallurgy, chemical, food and mining industries, this region has become a big industrial, economic and trade center, appearing very attractive to foreign investments. Yekaterinburg located on transaction of traffic streams Europe Asia, stands for the big economic and trade center owing to the high level of development of the industry and science, high living standards.



Project manager: Litvinova Anna, 89221039747, litvinova@uv66.ru