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Universal security. IT technologies. Labor protection
Specialized exhibition of security facilities for law and order, for safety road traffic specialized for Security Service, fire-fighting tools for Fire and Life-saving service



XV specialized exhibition


  dates and venue:

   joint arranger:



           IEC «YekaterinburgExpo» 


         25-27 November 2014   







Dear Sir and Madams!


              The exhibition society «Ural Exhibitions» would like to invite you to participate in the 16 -th specialized exhibition «Universal Security» held on the 25-27 November 2014.


Exhibition target: demonstration and promotion on the Russian market modern systems, appliances, and services for security. It is aimed at development and strengthening of business relations between producers and consumers.


Exhibition sectors::

1. Fire security

  • Systems of fire signaling
  • Systems and means of firefighting
  • Fireproof materials and constructions
  • Equipment
  • Outfit and equipment.
  • fire engineering and special aggregation
  • evacuation and salvation facilities in case of fire incidents.

2. Security systems

  • Systems of security TV and monitoring.
  • Systems of access control
  • Systems of security signaling.

3. Rescue means

  • Technique, technologies, equipment for accidents, disasters preventions and liquidation of consequences.
  • Equipment for giving somebody the first aid
  • Rescue facilities
  • Rescuers equipment
  • Facilities life supports
  • Facilities for individual protection
  • Communication and warning facilities

4. Ecology and industrial security

  • Equipment and technical facilities for atmospheric air protection.
  • Air-intake filters
  • Systems for clearance of gassing, sewage from admixtures.
  • Water penetration
  • Equipment for drinking water purification
  • Equipment for ecological safety of plant facilities.

5. Traffic safety

  • Facilities for traffic organization
  • Facilities for driver and passenger safety

Facilities for control (traffic safety)

6. Bank Safety 

  • Special bank equipment
  • Collectors services
  • Specialized transport

7. Safety and labor protection

  • Organization of labor
  • Facilities for man-to-man defense
  • Services for workplaces evaluation
  • Education of specialists  (protection of labor)
  • Research institutes, organizations, associations
  • Specialized literatureСпециализированная литература
  • Software

8. Connection and information protection

  • Information safety and facilities for automatic scrambling.
  • Technical facilities for searching of news leak channels.
  • Information security
  • Biometric systems of information protection.
  • Education, service in consulting and audit (information safety)

9. Special clothes

  • Cloth
  • Departmental clothes
  • Corporative clothes
  • Special footwear
  • Equipping and accessories.

10. crime protection

  • Special police transport
  • Equipping, Uniform. Arming.Экипировка.
  • Special equipment and apparatus for discreet surveillance, tapping,
  • Apparatus for finding out of bugging device.
  • Equipment for criminalistics
  • Special transport for valuables transportation. safe-deposits. Special boxes for valuables transportation.     
  • Check-points. Barriers. Mechanized gates.
  • Authorized access systems
  • Technical systems for people and goods checking out.
  • Technical facilities for finding out of drugs, hidden explosive device etc.
  • Services of private guard and detective agencies.
  • Training apparatus. Educational programs. Methods of preparing personnel for police and specialists of security service.         


About the project: exhibition project «Security assists in creation of safety life activities and helps to unite all the achievements in affairs of safety giving rise to the development of this sector in future in Ural Federal district. 


Participants’ registration: Participant must fill in application form and send it to the organizer’s address by e-mail or by fax. On bases of this application the Organizer issues an invoice


Exhibition schedule:

                 Participants’ arrival

24 November

 10.00 — 18.00

                 Working days        

25-27 November

 10.00 — 17.00

                 Official exhibition opening

25 November

 at 12.00

                 Awarding ceremony

27 November

 at 16.00


27 November

 at 16.00